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Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls

When Bassam learned that he could read the legendary secret scrolls for himself, his imagination caught fire with dreams of fantastic wealth of gold and of treasure that would finally let him claim his beloved Rasha. But first, he had to earn the trust of Zafir, a lone chieftain of the mighty Abdali-ud-din trading dynasty and the last living trustee of the mysterious Seven Secret Scrolls.

To tutor Bassam in the teachings of the scrolls, Zafir took him with his caravan of 300 sword-bearing men through the tough rigors of a 6000-mile trek from the high deserts of Arabia to Babylon, the Fergana Valley and Kashgar, past bandits and sandstorms, beyond the great Taklamakan Desert, and into the mystical antiquities of ancient China.

The venture would exact two years from the boy’s life—with lethal encounters from the raiders of Fukura, the Sons of Ka, subterfuge, suffering and attack—but along the way, young Bassam would discover in the scrolls more than the secrets of wealth that were rumored to be so unbelievably rich. He would find the greatest treasure of them all—and so will you.

Published by Izzard Ink Publishing.


“Paul Skousen could be described as the Ayn Rand of the desert.  He weaves a surprising message into a tapestry of unexpected threads, placing his protagonist in a very different environment than might be anticipated for a story of individual liberty and self-determination. Read it for yourself, give it to your (older) children, better still, give it to your liberal friends; everyone might learn something useful in addition to enjoying a rollicking good story.”

—Stefan Bartelski, Host of the “Patriot Come Lately” Radio Show

Paul Skousen shows us he has the gifts of descriptive metaphors and modifiers of all kinds. He makes Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls so interesting, so down to earth; that a book one may never have considered reading becomes one, which changes one’s soul.

—Michael J. Thompson—AML

“This is a beautifully written story given to us as if it was a tale only the most esteemed sages, descendants of eons past, have deemed us worthy enough to pass it onto. Every word commands our attention as not a single one is to be missed or we may lose the meaning of the entire book. The excerpt has an ancient feel to it that lead me to imagine reading it by oil lamp in one of the caves described in the story.”

“A mystery almost as vexing if not more than the one the author has written. I felt the excerpt to be one with almost magical powers.”
—ABNA Manuscript Excerpt Review

About The Bassam And The Seven Secret Scrolls Author


Paul Skousen

Paul B. Skouen enjoys visiting the Middle east for archeology digs or just renewing friendships. He is a journalist by trade, attended graduate school at Georgetown university, worked as an analyst at the CIA, and was assigned to the Situation Room as an intelligence officer in the Reagan White House. He is a professor of communications at Utah Valley university, married father of ten, grandfather to thrice that, and is the author of the three-volume Bassam series and several non-fiction books on politics and history.