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The Naked Socialist

The Naked Socialist is the real story of socialism. Complete, easy to read, no jargon, well documented, and gives a fascinating look at the raw decay of culture and economy now at work in America. It also provides a beautifully described explanation of the lasting principles of prosperity and constitutional freedoms that must be restored relatively quickly.

The Naked Socialist strips away the fakery, the false hopes, the hollow dreams, and the meaningless promises that socialists have foisted on countless millions—not just for the present, but over thousands of years. With clear, brief, and step-by-step examples and anecdotes, the author explains what socialism is, where it came from, how it works, how to recognize it, and why it always destroys its host nation. You will learn that the Seven Pillars of Socialism are not at all new, but a phenomenon that first appeared more than 6,000 years ago—and why socialism managed to mushroom in nations and cultures right up into today’s current events.

The Naked Socialist is divided into five parts: 1) Gaining an understanding of what socialism is, 2) How it has appeared in human history, 3) The miracle that stopped socialism, 4) The corruption of that miracle, and, 5) The steps to return that miracle to America and the rest of the world today.

Included throughout the book are several questions to teach, test and emphasize important points so that students of freedom may see where this nation needs to move to regain its lost liberties.

The Naked Socialist fulfills an urgent need to answer such questions as,

  1. How much of the U.S. Constitution has been replaced with socialism?
  2. What is socialism, and why does it eventually ruin everything it touches?
  3. How did the Founding Fathers specifically make socialism illegal?
  4. How did socialism destroy Rome, the ancient Inca, Jamestown, and Plymouth? Are these same patterns of demise at work today?
  5. Which U.S. presidents socialized America, and what steps did they take to do it? Are these reversible?
  6. How is socialism hurting other nations around the globe?
  7. What are the best examples of socialism in action today?
  8. What are the Seven Pillars of Socialism?
  9. How can people learn to recognize socialism in their midst, or, learn if they’re thinking like a socialist?
  10. What are the 46 goals of socialism?
  11. What will it take to eradicate socialism once and for all?

The study of freedom breathes hope and encouragement into all things—it sheds light into the dark corners of deception and conspiracy, showing that truth is the only authentic “transparency.” Once socialism is stripped naked, those badly needed answers to restore freedom will materialize for everyone’s benefit. Find those answers, plus hope and courage, in the pages of The Naked Socialist.

Also included at the bottom of each page of the print editions is a current event, fact, quote or statistic—more than 500 in all—regarding the failings of socialism and the strength and success of freedom. To view these facts and their sources, please click on “The Naked Socialist” Facts.

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Reviews on “The Naked Socialist”

“The Naked Socialist” is going to be explosive!  When people know what Paul Skousen is talking about, and really get to the heart of socialism, “The Naked Socialist” is going to go viral!”


George Jarkesy, Host of the nationally syndicated “The George Jarkesy Radio Show”, July 13, 2012



“The Naked Socialist” is an amazing book that provides clarity to what is going on in the socialist world and why Americans do not seem to get socialism!”


Howard Stephenson, Utah State Senator, President of the Utah Taxpayers Association and Host of Red Meat Radio



“The Naked Socialist” is one of those books that is both an interesting read, as well as a useful reference book. Paul Skousen’s research is insightful and thorough, spanning many civilizations and continents. He not only strips Socialism of its clothing, he also provides us with great ideas for fighting this scourge. This is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to know how our country arrived where it is today.”


Stefan Bartelski, Radio Host of the “Patriot Come Lately Show” Red State Talk Radio



“The Naked Socialist” connects the ancient order of oppression with the modern order of oppression. “The Naked Socialist” is a fabulous book and we need to get everyone to read it NOW!”


Morgan Philpot, Host of “Philpot Radio” on K-TALK Radio and former member of the Utah House of Representatives, October 3, 2012