The Naked Socialist Coming in 2012


During his life time, W. Cleon Skousen wanted to write a trilogy of books about the nature of world power and freedom. He began his series with The Naked Communist and The Naked Capitalist, both selling in excess of one million copies each, both national best-sellers in the United States, and both translated for international sales. With the passing of Skousen, the third in the trilogy, The Naked Socialist went unwritten until now. Skousen’s son Paul B. Skousen, former CIA analyst and intelligence officer at the Reagan White House, presents this complex subject matter with simplicity and clarity, placing the Seven Pillars of Socialism into historical context in this fast read, well-sourced explanation and warning about the dismal failure of all socialist systems. It is an ideal beginning place for all audiences wondering what makes freedom work and why did it fail under the heel of tyranny, under the multitude of promises couched in the abstract idea called socialism.